Oppo f11 pro dslr smartphone

OPPO is set to change the smartphone game with the F11 Pro. For the first time ever, there will be a smartphone that can shoot portraits on the level of professional cameras.

The interesting thing about this F11 Pro is that it shoots perfectly in low light conditions; something no other smartphone in the world has been able to do comfortably.

The DSLR Smartphone flaunts a 48+5MP dual camera. It even packs a 64GB & 128GB (optional) of storage, which is more than enough to store at least 25,000 ultra high-resolution pictures on the phone itself.

The phone shoots clearly and brightly in dark scenarios, thanks to the its large f/2.4 aperture. It can also shoot in various modes; something the photo-heads will love to explore.

With the new DSLR smartphone from Oppo, semi-professional and amateur photo enthusiasts might not need to carry bulky DSLRs around any longer; all they need to do is to buy one of these pretty OPPO F11 Pro variants and they are good to go.

Oppo f11 pro dslr phone shoot
Oppo photo from dslr smartphone f11 pro
Oppo Photo shoot

Here are some pictures taken by the F11 pro (without filters or edits)

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