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At the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 Huawei outdone itself with the launch of its long awaited and highly anticipated foldable phone, the new Huawei Mate X.

“Foldable” is clearly the buzz -word of 2019, well, there is also the 5G devices. Many tech company is putting there best into producing a well deserving and competitive foldable and 5G smartphones.

Although, the Huawei Mate X isn’t going to be the first foldable smartphone to launch, but it might be the first you seriously consider paying gobs of money for in 2019.

Huawei clearly decided to “Catch ‘EM All” in one with the launch of the Mate X which offers a slew of unique features in addition to the flexible screen, foldable design and 5G connection.

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Folding phones naturally present challenges beyond the display, however, Huawei has put a lot of effort into delivering a flagship design for the phone. Huawei calls its design falcon wing. The device has five joints which deliver pretty fluent motion.

This unprecedented stretchable hinge is artistically crafted to dissolve into the device for a smooth and flat finish on both sides of the device. The firm and durable design ensures the screen will not over stretch while folding or bulge in unfolding.

The Huawei Mate X is slim and of course, it does have a slightly thicker segment on one end, which houses the camera setup and a type-C port. The segment measures 11mm and exactly represents the total or maximum thickness of the Mate X. Unfolded, the displays are just around 5.4mm thick.

When fully folded, the Mate X is held in its shape by a few small pins on the inside of a groove at the back of the device. The HUAWEI Mate X phone has an in-display fingerprint scanner and rear-mounted fingerprint.

There is a button on the back of the Mate X which can be pressed to release the back portion of the display so it can be unfurled into an 8-inch tablet.

On the left of the rear screen of the Huawei Mate X is a vertical bar. This houses the brains of the operation, from the triple-camera system which Huawei was very tight-lipped about through to the power button/fingerprint scanner combo, and at the base, the USB-C port for charging. The sidebar is also where the internals are squished into.

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The larger screen 8-inches open tablet is super easy to handle with one hand, and its 8:7.1 aspect ratio, sporting resolution of 2480 x 2038. However, when the phone is flipped around in its folded state, it transitions into a rear 6.6-inch display with a resolution of 2480 x 1148 and a 19.5:9 aspect. While we have another small 6.4-inch display with a resolution of 2480 x 892 and an aspect of 25:9.

Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone features a AMOLED display which in the current state of display tech folding is only achievable with it. Huawei is also capitalizing on this power-saving feature innate to OLED tech which helps us believes there is more to the display.

The Mate X’s OLED display is plastic, not glass as with most smartphones today. This feature should be expected of all foldable devices going forward, because glass doesn’t like to fold.


Capture all your best moments and take striking selfies with the same advanced and intelligent Leica Camera System. Although, like most hardware aspects of the phone, presently, Huawei is yet to finalize its camera setup, however, we gathered that the rear screen doubles up as a viewfinder.

The dual screen design allows both the person taking picture and subject to preview the shot in real-time from both sides and contribute their creative ideas to produce a stunning portrait.

We don’t have camera megapixel sizes or aperture details for you just yet. There are many reasons Huawei be so tight-lipped about the exact camera specs. On the one hand, the camera may contain tech of the future something the brand wants to announce with its upcoming Huawei P30 smartphone, expected at the end of March.

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Huawei did emphasized on how powerful the Huawei mate X battery is. The Mate X carries not one but two batteries totaling at 4,500 mAh. It’s packing a bit more juice than the Samsung Galaxy Fold which is acceptable since the Mate X also has a bigger screen.

The smartphone also packs Huawei’s own 55W Super Charge tech which debuts on the Mate X, not only surpasses the 40W charging in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. The supercharge tech can charge the phone as fast as 95% from 0% in just 30 minutes.

Hardware and Software

With the title of world’s fastest 5G phone, Huawei Mate X is powered by a Kirin 980 processor coupled with a Balong 5000 5G modem. Thanks to its quad antenna design it can achieve speeds up to 4.6Gbps.

The Mate X runs a customized version of Android, and, ever aware of folds and unfolds. The interface optimizes itself for tablet or phone orientation in milliseconds coupled with EMUI, Huawei’s custom skin that sits atop Android.

Huawei mate X come in more than one variant, there is a 8GB RAM + 512GB, 6GB RAM + 256GB and up to 16GB of RAM variant with support for expandable storage via Nano Memory.

Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu mentioned that the tablet would be ideally suited to mouse and keyboard accessorizing for document editing, potentially even hinting at an EMUI Desktop-style experience.

The power switch is integrated with the fingerprint reader into one fast and secure button for security and easy accessibility.

Huawei also supports Dual Sim usage though only main sim card supports 5G while the other supports 2G / 3G / 4G.

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The Mate X is not a linear extension of any existing device or design trend. It’s a whole new form factor, even if it’s based on smartphone and tablet technologies.

Although, in terms of hardware design we are still far behind on this new technology trend, however, Huawei’s Mate X is changing things and making our long track shorter than we anticipated.

The Huawei Mate X might be a work in progress but, it is a better work catching every aspect in one. We expect the upgraded version Huawei Mate X pro to be more powerful and grand, though it has not yet been confirmed.

The Company use the opportunity to also launch its newest matebook, the Huawei matebook X pro.

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Huawei Mate X Price

The Huawei Mate x price is definitely not cheap. The smartphone price will range form ₦941,564 depending on the deal. Buy online at Slick Mobile Nigeria Online Store


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