how to refill Cartridge.

Every Laser printer is equipped with a toner cartridge that is instrumental in printing your documents or images. However, everything finishes, even life end. So, what is the solution? A refill or Buying a new cartridge?

If your business makes heavy use of a copy machine, you may need to know how to refill the toner cartridges than spending more to buy a replacement every now and then. Hence, then comes questions like, how do i refill my toner cartridge.

Printer manufacturers usually do not instruct or even encourage customers on how to refill a toner cartridge in hopes that you will simply buy a new replacement cartridge. However, adding toner to a laser printer on your own is an inexpensive and easy alternative to purchasing a new toner cartridge

Steps to Refill Laser Printer Toner Cartridge

After removing the cartridge from the printer, its quite confusing since nothing seems easy again, however, just a step by step process will get the work done.

Step 1: Unscrew the side cover


This Screw holds together the drum to the body, hence, unscrewing and taking the cover off helps in bringing out drum unit.

toner drum change

Step 2: Remove the PCR Roller


To remove the PCR Rod all needed is to slightly push the rod to right-side with some sharp-edge tool and then move PCR slightly upward and take it out leftward. After safely removal of the PCR rod there is the need to separate the waste unit and ink unit. The Two unit are joined by a pin and string hence, they should be carefully unscrewed before separation.


These two units perform different function to achieve one result, printing. The waste unit collects all the wasted ink so as not to stain the paper. Hence, you need to clear the unit, and rid it of any waste ink before resetting.

Step 3: Clean the waste unit.

To clean the waste unit, you have to remove the spring and then remove plastic cover.

toner spring remove

internal view laser toner

After successful removal of the plastic cover, there is also the need to remove the screws of the waste unit to get apart the wiper-blade.Then remove the wasted-Ink which was collected in this unit. Then clean the waste collector unit, plastic cover and Blade part.

Note that the wiper-Blade should be cleaned with a soft cloth and not with a brush as the brush can put scratches on blade. Then re-couple the waste unit part.

Main Step: Opening and filling the Ink Unit

Step 4: open the screw on the Ink Unit.


The ink unit is the second part of the waste unit. In other to see the ink hole, you need to unscrew the button pointed above and remove the cover. After removing the side cover, the refill hole is usually found on the bottom of the cartridge. Hence, you can see a white plastic lid covering the hole, you have to remove this to fill the ink.

refill cartridge

Step 5: Fill the hole

After removing the plastic lid, you can now refill the toner, however, you must first “Shake the Ink Bottle before use”. Then pour the dry ink. Note that you might need a funnel or the plastic nozzle-cap that might come with the ink bottle to prevent wastage.

toner cartridge

Step 6: Reseal hole and couple the cartridge

After refilling, then you need to seal the hole back and re-couple the cartridge following the same process while opening. After resetting, shake the cartridge lightly from side to side, holding horizontally, to ensure even distribution of the toner powder.

toner cartridge

Some other cartridges require that you make your own fill hole. Corresponding toner refill kits typically come with a burn tool and heavy-duty aluminum “flue tape” to close up the hole after you finish refilling a toner cartridge. Follow the instructions provided with the toner refill kit if you are required to use a burn tool. The instructions will show you where and how to burn the hole.

cartridge chip

However, be notify that some printers will not work after a toner powder refill unless a new smart chip fuse is installed. Most toner refill kits come with a smart chip if it is needed for your cartridge.

Step 6: Reinstall Cartridge

Finally, you can now reinstall the cartridge in your printer for usage.


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